Conference Topics | CFP Flyer

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:



Assistive Robotics
Autonomous Robots
Bio-inspired Robotics
Biomedical Robots
Biomimetic Robotics
Computer Vision
Distributed Sensing
Human Robot Interaction
Humanoid Robotics
Micro and Nano Robots
Mobile Robots
Modelling, Identification and Control
Motion Planning and Scheduling
Multi-Agent Systems
Multimedia Robotics
Multi-Sensor Fusion
Signal and Image Processing


Intelligent System

Ambient Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Automated Reasoning
Bayesian Models
Bioinspired Intelligence
Brain Modeling and Simulation
Commonsense Reasoning
Computational Intelligence
Conceptual Inference and Reasoning
Deep Learning
Evolutionary Computing
Expert Systems
Fuzzy Sets and Systems
Genetic Algorithms
Inductive and Transductive Inference
Intelligence and Perception
Intelligent Behavior
Intelligent Control
Intelligent Data Analysis
Intelligent Data Mining
Intelligent Fault Diagnosis
Intelligent Measurement
Intelligent Medical Diagnostics
Intelligent Networks
Intelligent Security Systems
Intelligent Signal Processing
Knowledge Acquisition, Discovery and Representation
Learning Theory
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Neural Computation
Neural Networks and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
Pattern Recognition
Planning and Scheduling
Probabilistic Reasoning
Reinforcement Learning
Relational Learning
Soft Computing
Swarm Intelligence


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